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>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to Make a Girl Hot - Flame Her Feelings For You Using These Scorching Seduction Tricks

The biggest reason of failure for men when it comes to seducing women is this - they are clueless about the difference between getting a girl hot sexually, and coming across to women as their best friends. If you have wondered why you always end up as a woman's emotional tampon, then read on to discover the killer ways to make a woman hot by flaming her sexual attraction to you quickly and easily...
How To Make A Girl Hot - Flame Her Feelings For You Using These Scorching Seduction Tricks
Trick #1: Pretend To Be Interested. Remember that when you want to develop rapport with a woman, you gotta make her talk as much as possible about herself. The funny thing is the more she talks, the more attracted she would be to you. Crazy, but it's true. Therefore, remember to pretend to be interested in her as much as possible, even though when she talks about mind-numbingly boring stuff about her poodle and its eating habits.
Trick #2: Pretend To Be Bored. Once you get her talking about stuff that's important to her (her poodle, and whether John Mayer is a closet gay) then pretend to be bored. Look over her shoulder, or start calling someone on the phone. The key here is to avoid making her feeling too comfortable.
Trick #3: Make Her Confused... And Keep It That Way. Once you have done the two tricks above, then she would have gotten confused. The key here is to make her STAY confused. If she gets too comfy and thinks you're too easy to sort out, then she won't feel attracted to you.
Sure, these tricks might come across as "crazy" to you, but they work amazingly well. There's a lot of such tactics (or "hacks") which are hidden from you - simply because those who know them really would rather keep them for themselves so that they beat you at the game of seduction.


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