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>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Know When to Give a Girl You Are Dating Some Space

Dating is a complex thing for most people. Additionally, a good date can often be ruined when a girl feels uncomfortable. So here are some tips for how to know when to back off.
First of all, there is the "creep factor." That is, constantly trying to be around a girl all the time. A girl will make obvious signs that she is feeling stalked, and will often avoid the guy's company. If the guy doesn't notice, or doesn't get it, the relationship can end in tragedy. The solution to this problem is picking up on the girl's signals, and backing off.

Secondly, there is the "obsession factor." Obsession is being so head over heels in love with a girl that almost all thought and attention is focused on her. This makes a girl quite uncomfortable, and it will often disgust her. The only way to solve the "obsession factor" is to control one's emotions and act a little bit more distant. This will make the girl wonder and often draw her close again.
Thirdly, there is the "dependency factor." This is where a guy is dependent on a girl for love and acceptance as well as emotional security. Girls can sense this dependency, and are often so repulsed, they will leap through hoops of fire just to get away. Again, the only solution is to act more distant, even going so far as to pretend not to be interested in dating anymore. This tactic is almost always fail proof.

Finally, there is the "publicity factor." Publicity is revealing something to everyone, and when a guy talks about who he's dating or what they did together, it often makes the girl an unintentional subject of ridicule, gossip, and emotional torture. That is one of the worst ways to make a girl uncomfortable, and any guy who does that will instantly be the focus of her anger. The best way to fix this is simply, don't gossip!

Unintentional mistakes like these can ruin a relationship and hurt a girl's feelings. If used though, every one of these tips, provided they are used wisely, can make a big difference in a relationship and more.


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