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Girls' Psychology in Love - How to Manipulate a Girl's Feelings and Make Her Fall in Love With You!

Love psychology really is not a difficult thing to comprehend. However, many guys actually find it hard to understand women. However, if you know certain psychology tactics and techniques, then it would be super easy for you to completely decipher a woman's actions and thoughts. You see, women are really predictable when it comes to love and relationships - simply because they are governed more by their emotions than their minds. therefore, if you understand women psychology in love and dating, then you would be able to make them fall for you - simply because they would think that you understand them.

Girl's Psychology In Love And Dating - What You Need To Know
"The Emotional Factor". As mentioned above, women are ruled by their hearts and not their heads. Therefore, you would be able to manipulate a woman's emotions and make her fall in love with you completely... but only if you know how. There are a set of techniques and tactics which would give "seduction superpowers" to men and enable them to seduce any woman they lay their eyes on. Read on to discover one such tactic...

"Reverse Psychology". The thing is that women like the things that they cannot get. Why would they go crazy over a limited edition Prada? Simple - it's because it's HARD to get. Therefore, if you want to appeal to women, then you must also be difficult to get yourself. One easy way to do this is to REJECT and disqualify women regularly. Make them all feel that they CANNOT get you - and your VALUE will skyrocket.


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5 Ways in Confessing Your Feelings to a Girl - Techniques on How Not to Get Rejected

Liking someone and then getting totally attracted and the falling in love is like pulling you in a whirlwind of emotions --- and of course, we can't forget the part in confessing your feelings to a girl. It's like getting all pressured with the knowledge that you've fallen head over heels only to get newly pressured when you just realized that you need to confess sooner or later. Most men would take the safer (and pathetic) path of just shrugging off the entire feeling, not saying anything, see the girl of their dreams get snagged by a jerk, spend sleepless nights asking yourself why and spend the rest of their lives single, dateless and still a virgin. Now, if you don't want to join this club, better gear-up and look at the brighter side of things. Start today! Below are the five ways in confessing your feelings for a girl --- and finally make her yours at last! 
  • Plan on it ahead. It's never wrong to have a plan (and it's much better to have a plan B to back it up). Of course, planning doesn't mean you need to dread every minute of it and get all paranoid thinking about the worst possible scenarios. Be positive! The more relaxed and happy mood you are in, the more you'll attract good vibes around --- and her affections too, just in case.
  • Don't think of messing it up too much. Fearing of getting rejected, fearing of messing it up and fearing she's already with someone is normal --- you fear the unknown and that's fine. We all have that sickness at one point, but being human shouldn't be an excuse --- you need to finally stand in your own feet and be a man!
  • Never think of stalking her. Getting attracted to someone is great and falling in love is even better --- but please, stop the thought of stalking her. Yes, it's exciting and all that stuff about adrenaline rush but it's downright freaky too. When she finds that out, you've just ruined even your tiniest chance of being with her. Just stay cool and casual.
  • No hard feelings. When she says no, don't take it too personally. Same goes as when she says yes --- don't be too over eager. Confessing your feelings to a girl entails risk --- it's all part of the game. But then again, these are the things that make life exciting and absolutely interesting as well. So learn how to enjoy both!


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How to Approach a Girl You Like Without Feeling Like a Loser!

How to approach a girl is a sensitive topic that has been touched by countless writers. Some men are born with this ability, while others have to learn the art of how to approach a girl you like. In fact, this is the problem faced by many men today as they do not know how to approach a girl. This is really surprising as boys get exposure to the company of girls right from their childhood and also as teenagers, where they study together.

Some men seem to effortlessly know how to pickup girls. This is because of the fact that they treat them with respect and not the usual ruggedness that boys are known for. If you get attention from girls and get calls from them, you can assume that you have mastered the art of how to attract beautiful women.

No amount of tutorial and written stuff will do it for you unless you learn the basics right. Girls are also human beings and they do not like boys who show off. Being natural is the first step to learn the art of how to approach a girl. To gain something, you have to make sacrifices. Girls like men who are dressed up decently, and even if you think shorts and T-shirts make you look great, dressing up like a gentleman will surely teach you a lesson or two on how to attract beautiful women.

Make it a point to exchange pleasantries and also to say some sweet nothings in the ears of the girls. They like it when repeatedly told that they are beautiful. Girls do not like to be kept waiting. And yes, do not forget to give them small, beautiful gifts every time you meet. Be confident, and you will surely learn how to pickup girls. How to approach a girl you like is not that difficult, after all.


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