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>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girls - How to Reject Them

If you have a girl who likes you and chases after you and at the same time, she is someone who you do not want to start a relationship with, then you would most likely want her to get away from you as soon as possible. This girl who you want to get away from is most likely someone who is not attractive enough for you or someone who is not the type of girl you are looking for.
The problem that most men have is that they are afraid to reject a girl; they do not want to hurt the girl's feelings. Some men would even accept a girl's love when they don't even have any feelings for the girl because they do not want to break the girl's heart. These men are basically "nice" liars. But think about it this way. If a girl tells you that she likes you, but you don't like her, rejecting her is better than accepting her. In other words, breaking her heart is better than lying to her. Why? Because the girl will feel even more painful when she finds out that you have been lying to her the whole time. This is just my opinion and whether or not you want to reject a girl is totally up to you. If you do want to reject a girl, you can use the following methods.

The best method in my opinion is to just say "I do not like you". This seems easy to do but it is not. Most guys do not have the courage to do this, especially when the girl is someone who has an innocent looking face. I once had a girl chasing after me and even though I knew she liked me very much but I did not have the courage to hurt her feelings. But after a while, she became annoying to me because she kept doing things to get my attention, such as untying my shoes. Still, I was not brave enough to tell her the truth and when I eventually decided to do so, I brought a friend with me and rejected her in front of my friend and her friends. Even though I felt bad by doing that, but I did not want to lie to her. Ever since that day, I believe she forgot all about me. It was a good thing for both of us.

If you think the above method is a bit too direct, you can try this method. You can write her a letter and explain to her that she is not someone you want to be with. Human beings can often express themselves totally when they are writing. After you finish writing this letter, you can simply give it to her the next time you see her and most likely, she would understand and would stop bothering you anymore. If she is persistent, she would still come to talk to you and this is when you should use method number 1.

If you do not have the courage to talk to her or write her a letter, you can use this method. All you have to do is tell one of her friends that you do not like her and ask her friend to tell her. It would be easier for you to tell the truth to someone else and let that person transfer the message for you. Or you can ask one of your own friends to do it. Most likely, your friends would not be scared of doing so because the girl chasing after you is not significant to them.


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