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>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Her in Bed - The Best Method to Arouse Women

A lot of guys have their own definition of what it means to "Seduce" a woman. In my opinion, seduction is the process of getting a woman to sleep with you. In order to do that, you need to create intense feelings of arousal in the woman you are with. However, you must also know how to TAKE ACTION.

Some guys can get a girl aroused, but then chicken out when it comes to the action. Other guys can pull the trigger and make their move, but they have not created the necessary arousal to make it work. If you want to successfully seduce women, you must do BOTH.
So let's run over each in turn:

Feelings Of Arousal: The most important thing to remember when it comes to making a woman feel aroused is that arousal is an EMOTION, and emotions can be manipulated!

So even if a girl isn't aroused by you, she can be made to FEEL arousal by you. This is of key importance. You can easily create arousal by generating intense SEXUAL TENSION. Sexual tension can also be defined as "mixed signals." You're letting the girl know that you're attracted to her and want to have sex with her, but you're also doing things to make her think you might NOT want to 
have sex with her.

Confused? Think of it like this: if a girl flat out KNOWS you're into her, she has the power to say "yes" or "no" to your advances. But YOU want to have the power in the interaction, so by sending "mixed signals" and creating "sexual tension," you prevent the girl from having the power to decide if she wants to have sex with you.

When this happens, the girl experiences a great deal of doubt, nervousness, and uncertainty. This is the "tension" aspect. It's not a good feeling! And what happens when we experience feelings we don't like is we seek to get rid of them! And when it comes to SEXUAL tension, the only way to get rid of those feelings is to GET SEXUAL.

So when you make your move, the bad feelings the girl was experiencing go away, and they are replaced by GOOD feelings. And when that happens, the girl will RUN towards those good feelings as fast as she can! This means she will be ready and willing to hop in the sack as soon as possible.

Taking Action: But the key to creating sexual tension is that YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! If you let sexual tension linger for too long, the tension will actually drive the girl away from you! Remember, tension is unpleasant. If there is no alternative, it will trigger the girl to move away from you.
This is why some girls can act cold and distant after having a great first date. Sometimes, guys create powerful sexual tension without knowing it, and they don't make their move, so the girl naturally tries to protect herself from feeling that way again.


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