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>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Do You Get Over a Girl That You Really Like Fast?

One of the most difficult questions to answer is this: how do you get over a girl that you really like. This question is filled with all the sorrow of unrequited love. There really is no good way to answer this question. It all comes down to time, the grieving process, and finding adequate activities to fill your mind when it would otherwise be occupied with thoughts of her.
How do you get over a girl that you really like when she doesn't like you back?

1)    Do things that take her off your mind. It sounds simple but it really isn't. It will take time to find the proper distraction. In fact, this is a great time to branch out and try something new. Why? Because things you are familiar with leave your mind time to stray. When you are working on something new that requires your concentration your mind is better occupied and less likely to be invaded by thoughts of her.

2)    Find new people, girls especially, to hang out with. This will actually accomplish two things. First, it will give you a stronger network of friends so that you can begin to keep busy thinking about other people, conversations, and activities. Second, it allows her to see you through different eyes-those of your new friends. How do you get over a girl that you really like after all? By taking things one step at a time.

3)    Date other girls. This is a sure fire way to get her attention if there is the slightest hint of a spark in your direction. The green eyed monster is a strong motivator. Now, keep in mind that you don't want to treat the new girl you are dating badly. You should never toy with the feelings of others in hopes of getting to someone else but you can date other girls without getting serious or making false promises.

4)    Cut her out of your life. This is a last resort but if you are unable to recover or mend and constantly asking yourself "how do you get over a girl that you really like?" without getting a definitive answer it is time for drastic action. Avoid her like the plague. Give her any of her items you may have collected, throw away the music CD you made of songs that remind you of her, and find a new outlet for your emotions. It may not be desirable but it can be very effective.


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