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>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Reasons Why a Girl Shouldn't Reveal Her Feelings to the Guy

Social norms have changed. Girls, especially teenagers, are often plagued with the dilemma of making the first move in courtship and dating. They often ask if it's acceptable or not. Usually, the make or break decision is whether girls should tell their feelings to the guys they like. It's the 21st century, they say and times have changed. Other people would reason out that you're just telling him what you feel and it's not like asking him to marry you.

However, it's not about the changing times and the new generation. It's not even about acceptable practices and norms. It all boils down to how a girl conducts herself. It's not about what other think about what you do. It's about respect, maturity and character.
Here are the reasons why the girl shouldn't reveal her feelings to the guy:
  1. He probably doesn't feel the same way you do. If he does, he would've made the first step.
  2. Few years from now, your feelings will fade, your ideals will change. When that time comes, you'd even wonder why you have liked him.
  3. You'll just make the guy swell with pride and fantasies. He'll think he's a heartthrob. Never do that.
  4. Chances are, he'd laugh at your back.
  5. It's not a form nor a proof of bravery, honesty or whatever you call it.
  6. You just want to do so because your friends told you to.
  7. It wouldn't matter for him anyway because it's not about whether you like him; it's whether he likes you.
  8. There are more important things to decide upon. If he doesn't like you, your effort is wasted so don't even think of wasting your time.
  9. You wouldn't want to gain disrespect from the guy you like.
  10. There's no good reason why you should.


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