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>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Does a Boy Act When He Likes a Girl? - Tips to Understanding Men's Body Language

In as much as guys try to hide their feelings from girls, the feelings are always discovered by those who understand how guys act when they are in love. The question is how does a boy act when he likes a girl?

When a guy likes you the first thing he thinks is how to communicate that love to you. So, he begins to act out his feelings in different ways.
If he likes you, he'll find out things about you. He would prefer to surprise you by letting you know those things he knows about you. For instance, he would surprise you by calling you by your name even though you have not met officially. This is to make the relationship informal and quicken the friendship.

Furthermore, he expresses his feelings through his looks. He delights in looking at you and does everything possible to have your presence or be in your presence.
If he succeeds in initiating a conversation with you, he would double the chances by the day and make it a point of duty to keep in touch with you.

He would find out the types of color you like and present them to you in gifts. A guy who likes you would keep your memorable days. He already desires you to be part of his life, so, he indicates that by keeping your important dates. For instance, he'll present you with a lovely gift on your birthday.

As soon as he gets the green light from you, he'll guard you jealously and would not want any guy to pose a threat to your relationship.
He would look for an opportunity to take you out on a date. He would like you to spend your dates in places where you would be 100% available to each other.

You would be so surprised when you meet his friends, your name is already circulated and you are well known and admired.


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