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>> Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 10 funny t-shirts for insurance completely Ultra Guy Silly

Why insurance rates need a shirt ultra-fun? No shoes, no shirt, no service. Hey, we all need a type of clothing. Anyway, super-confident kids are like sunshine on a cloudy day. They bring with them a sense of peace and beauty that surrounds them, and then bleed them. In fact, I think a shirt is fun, it's a great way to handle explosives.

Here I am now what are your other two wishes shirt. Where do I start? It is simply not convinced man's shirt. He realizes the wishes!

I'm just a big problem in Iowa t-shirt. Absolutely. You are a big problem worldwide big boy. Keep cool and keep it real, at least in Iowa

Mr. Nice Guy shirt. Ah, yes, you're Mr. Nice Guy, and every girl should know. You're probably too close to the perfect man.

Now offering $ 5 footlong shirt. Now you're just stupid if you wear this shirt. You work in a meter, right? It's very nice of you to advertise your Bologna.

I meet or exceed the expectations of the shirt. This shirt works for many men. One hopes that exceed expectations, but it is still uncertain.

I'm not a doctor, but I'll take a look shirt. Want to play doctor, but you're not really a doctor? If you are a natural gift medically? That may be the shirt for you. This shirt is fun for students of medicine.

Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite shirt. The shirt is ideal for those studying to become a priest or a pastor, right? No, seriously, I'm kidding. This shirt is perfect for any religion that is completely full of himself.

Busy God can help Devil shirt. A fun shirt for the Halloween season, and have fun throughout the year, I can help Devil shirt gives people the knowledge that you're only here to help. After all, you have skillz.

Back by popular demand t-shirt. You're back, because people just can not enough of you. What would they do without you? Madness doubtless arise. This is a return to the t shirt high school or something to bring back a long weekend or school failure.

Chicks Dig fear the people of my t shirt. I tremble in my boots. You are a man among men to sow fear, and everyone knows girls love bad boys. This shirt can get talks started in the celebrations for you


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