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>> Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diamond Earrings

"Diamond" is the ancient Greek word and work "is subjected to the most common forms of carbon Almast is one of the long-standing and wide application in industry, they are used as the Stones; .. the 19th century and the popularity of diamonds as an advanced cutting and polishing techniques: C and four of diamonds is usually regulated by the quality of the setting, color, clear indication of lernagagatner. 

Diamond earrings personal ornaments to add earlobe has answered. Egyptians at the end of the first day of wear, and fashion a small gold hoop earrings and a necklace includes started.Asorestani men wear earrings as a sign of status, and Babylon.The Romans knew the sleeper set precious stones. 18th-century, a diamond ring, stone carving, and stylish, and more widely used in the 19 th century witnessed. 

Two main types of diamond earrings were not. Diamond earrings and pierced ears and the phone does not last does not get the ad for the non-pierced ears only. Earrings at this time, but the use of a hearing to support the allocation of nuts or other means. At the end of a sentence is called the diamond earrings button earrings now.Fish Hooks Earrings, such as wire, wire, and place the right to use the phone ring in the form of a small renal injury through various slips. Sometimes it is used to add in support of the struggle against the back. Hooks up a clip earrings clip tsayre ring, ear. 

different styles and price range, size and weight Diamond Earrings.Diamonds, precious stones or diamonds, rubies can be installed with the yellow gold, white or red, silver, platinum and rhodium, or sapphire. infants and young children, 0.06 carat earrings, diamond and $ 49 mm 2 in each ear is good. On the other hand, a number of diamond earrings in 18K Platinum Princess of the high prices such as $ 20,000 and the cut is about $ 5000. Refined and sophisticated, the part of women does not love jewelry Earrings.


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