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>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kitchen Design - Top 10 Tips

First Kitchen Design Tips Before you begin designing your new kitchen is useful to articulate their ideas and write them on a wish list. It is important to realize that your new kitchen plan, things you like about your current kitchen, and things have not.

Kitchen Design Tips second again, before you find your new kitchen plan, the choice of food (or type of equipment) is worthwhile. The design of your new kitchen that require different depending on the type of equipment. ("Native" more devices planned "embedded").

Kitchen design tips third Is the new position of the basin is relatively close to the existing position, the installation of the kitchen easier. Not a problem for the hot and cold water in the sink - is the operation of waste that can cause problems. (A rule of thumb "right" people prefer the "Lefty" dish rack - The "Lefty" lurking among us usually do not care.)

Kitchen Design Tips fourth update of its design from all angles. Good access to corner cabinets are essential for storage utalising. If your goal as possible, to discuss plans and the corner cabinet in order of priority ... "L" Bi-Fold, "Le Mans" cantilevered tray, "Magic Corner", "Syncro load exercise corner, diagonal cross in the corner and finally blind corner.

Kitchen Design Tips fifth Using Hi-line base units instead of "Line of thumb, generally more ergonomic kitchen. Instead of loading all (some working, some false), is more comfortable and often cheaper, to an optimum size of litter trays (500 or 600 mm), where a position of need.

Kitchen Design Tips sixth Test your economic kitchen design. A cabinet of 300 mm can be half the size of a 600 mm cabinet - but it's 3 / 4 the cost. Try to plan your kitchen design with large closets instead of many small, this is the kitchen cabinet costs drastically reduced (and as part of its installation costs are calculated as the number of cabinets to be installed, you can save here so good)

Kitchen Design Tips seventh The location of your new kitchen stove (or oven) reasonably adjacent to the new sink location. This eliminates the need for a flight distance of the pots of boiling water. (If you are right to consider placing the sink on the right side of the stove)

Kitchen Design Tips eighth provides a free area of counter space beside the stove. This will ensure a safe, remove hot pans from oven and place on well.

Kitchen Design Tips ninth Avoid the classic mistake of designing an American fridge in a corner if they need a minimum of 300 mm on each side of the door wide open ... (Check yours before purchase)

Kitchen design tips tenth When designing a kitchen island to make sure there are plenty of foot (preferably 1100, but less than 900 mm) for space in all directions. Avoid the temptation to include an island with less free space than this - that dominate the space, making it messy.


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