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>> Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top 10 Funny Sayings T-shirt for men

If you are looking for a laugh or a great gift, the top t-shirt funny quotes for men. They can generate ideas even if you have something to smile.

Maybe your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. Here's a great T-shirt says it really works for everyone. You wear so many beautiful places, like your evaluation with the boss, or family reunification.

I heard voices, and they do not. A little anti-social? He awoke on the wrong side of bed? Maybe it's the best shirt worn by a person simply is not like other children in the yard. I do not wear them until the next ice cream social.

Master bait. So many people who love fishing and deserve to wear the shirt with pride. Best worn over or with friends. Not the best choice for a first date.

Meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder. BBQ Guys love in there, this shirt says it all. This shirt is best to wear no functionality to eat, but not your vegetarian friend to go home.

If I agree with you, we're both right. Super funny t-shirts for men say it's best worn almost anywhere! Maybe a vacation with your partner, or a lively discussion - if you plan ahead. If you use this funny shirt to a divorce, you can push.

Remember my name ... Because you have to cry later. It is fun, but a little uncomfortable t-shirts so you do not do sports at the local supermarket. However, you can wear a nightclub.

Loading ... brain Please wait. This shirt works on so many boys on many levels and can be worn almost all ages. If the husband works with a computer or laptop is his Siamese twin is even better.

My Name Is working with the Indian beer. What man does not drink T-shirt? They are comfortable to wear around and show how a grown man really is ... yes adults.

I meet or exceed expectations. This is a t-shirt man can love. It works almost everywhere in the use of standardized tests for dating.

I do not need the dictionary, my wife knows everything. Here is a kit you can really appreciate. This shirt is just funny. There is no such thing as a good crack at Ole Ball and Chain. This shirt is really a top ten spot for fun sayings t-shirt for men.


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